Fitt Insider - Breaking down the business of health, fitness & wellness

Interviewing Anthony Vennare, Co-Founder @FittInsider
Fitt Insider is a newsletter, podcast, and community of industry-leading operators that is building a platform for the future of fitness and wellness. Much like what we at SportsTechX do in the sports tech space, Fitt insider does for the health, fitness and wellbeing space. Fitt Insider has also ventured into angel investing and investment funds along with understanding the underlying needs of consumers when it comes to their health.
In this conversation, Anthony talks about bridging the gap that he and his brother noticed within the fitness and health industry while pitching to investors and building a huge company from it. He touches upon the needs and trends of the industry and its consumers and how the outdoor space interests Fitt Insider as the industry is growing and evolving at a rapid pace. Anthony also drops some information about an investment fund that Fitt is launching very soon.

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