How China Will Win the World Cup in 2050

Welcome to the first Athletic Interest Case Study! A new series on our channel in which we team up with partners to look into the most interesting stories behind sports.
And what better partner to start with a case study than WHU professor Sascha L. Schmidt and his Harvard colleagues, who will help us understand how European football clubs are going East to build their brand in China.
Thanks to Sascha L. Schmidt for partnering with us! You can find an overview of all of his research under this link: WHU
Dancing with the dragon – The quest for the Chinese football consumer: CSM Research Report 2017
Timestamps   ⏱️
00:00 The Race for China 01:26 Economic Super Power 02:57 China's Football Development Plan 04:46 How To Enter the Chinese Market 07:57 The Race of the European Clubs

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